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    Selection of WHW donation tokens made of amber. These were distributed during the national Winterhilfswerk drive on 10-12 October 1934. No two are alike because they are made from individual pieces of real amber, mounted on stickpins.  Condition I-

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    Original pieces of camouflage netting from Hitler’s Berghof. Camouflage netting was spread over Hitler’s house to make it less of a target for Allied bombers. The camouflage was made of plastic strips in wire netting, pieces of which can still be found around the ruins of the Berghof today. Have several pieces (you may not get one of the pieces shown)....

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    Wedding photo postcard of an Army private wearing the ribbon for the Eastern Front Medal. The photo has a photography studio stamp at the bottom. The back is blank except for the postcard address lines. Condition I-

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